VOD - Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization Plant

The VOD plant is mainly used for the production of stainless steel. The plant is basically designed as a tank degassing facility which is additionally equipped with an oxygen blowing lance and other related equipment. Due to the reduced carbon monoxide (CO-) partial pressure under vacuum conditions, decarburisation of high-alloyed steel grades to very low carbon contents is possible. The VOD plants are operated directly in combination with an EAF as a DUPLEX process or in combination with an EAF and AOD as TRIPLEX process.

Metallurgical and operational tasks:

  • Vacuum operation possible with varying initial carbon contents
  • High flexibility to use lower cost high carbon alloying materials
  • Low chromium oxidation losses
  • High rate of chromium recovery by slag metallurgy
  • Chemical heating of liquid steel
  • Low final dissolved gas contents
  • Improved steel cleanliness with
  • Achievement of exact compositional values within narrow tolerances

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